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Do you need an expert, a reliable coach for your business? Do you lack the time required to build your sales team? Dalouraco will help you. Use our expertise and our experience to benefit your company. Whether it’s for consulting, organizing your sales team or putting together your marketing plan, Dalouraco has a solution.

Have you identified your target market, opportunities, and obstacles? Together, we can evaluate your positioning and the strategic position of your competitors by creating, elaborating upon and executing a marketing plan according to your objectives. Know your competition; a good marketing plan will ensure the durability of your company in a time of rapid changes in the purchasing habits of customers.

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  • Developing your marketing plan.
  • Indentifying target markets.

Objectivity is often the main reason to turn to an external consultant. An external consultant can be impartial, unlike individuals inside the company. Often, in the analysis of a problem and the definition of solutions, internal managers are influenced by personal motivations, their work habits and their way of seeing things, many times viewed through the established corporate culture. An external consultant offers a point of view that is purely objective and aimed at the success of your company.