Dalouraco, your only sales force

How can you increase the performance of your integrated sales team?

Itís important to provide the necessary tools to perform well in a competitive sales market. Targeted training will prove to be one of the best tools for your sales team.

  • Philosophy

    Our philosophy: Thanks to our years of experience, get training based on the leading principles of sales with precise, concrete examples corresponding to the conditions in your industry. We mainly work on enriching employee expertise, focusing on the more human side of the sales experience. Your sales people will work alongside a trainer who is in touch with the field and has hands-on experience, someone who is more than just a lecturer.

  • Knowledge

    Our work methodology: A work plan is established with the sales director or the president. The targeted objectives of the training are set, a work manager is assigned according to the number of sales people and the commitment required, and then the training is offered as group coaching or on an individual basis. Next, we jump into action by offering targeted training, either in-house or in the field with customers.

  • Efficiency

    Results: Following training, results will be compared to the pre-established objectives and adjustments will be made on a periodic basis. We are always available after training to respond to all of your sales teamís questions. We will essentially be your outside, independent coach.


    Talk to us without any commitment, we would be happy to discuss many possible opportunities with you.